Our patients can rest assured that they’ll receive only award-winning, connoisseur grade cannabis products from our store. Quality and safety in medicinal cannabis is our top priority. Call us and try our cannabis flower, cannabis edibles, and cannabis tonics today!

Dispensary Discounts

New Patients

$1 House Preeroll or Single Carmel Chew

Vet Dicounts

20% Off!!!

Seniors Discounts

15% Off For All Seniors!

Birthday Discounts

20% Off On Your Birthday!

Daily Deals

Munchie Monday

All Edibles & Drinks 20% Off!
Green Hornet Gummies
Cannabis Pre-roll

Wayback Wednesday

Heavy Eighths on ALL FLOWER!

4 Gram Eighths
Cannabis Topicals and Patches

Flower Power Friday

Platinum and Gold Shelf Flower all 20% off!
Other random flash sales throughout the day!

Cannabis Flower Product
Cannabis Concentrates

Bogo Tuesday

BOGO for a $1 Prerolls: 40+ to choose from

Concentrates and Vape Carts: Select products 3 for $100, 4 for $100, and 5 for $100

White Mousse, Rare Extracts, Robot Pharmer, 1937 Shatter,
Big Poppa’s, Vertical Vibes, Everything’s OK!, 1937, Slow Burn,
Red Bud Elixir, Helix, Country Cannabis, and Primican

Thrifty Thursday

ALL Topicals 20% Off!

Save Big Saturday

Vape Carts:
3x $100 / 4x$100 / 7x$100

3x for $100 / 4x for $100 / 5x for $100


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    We strive to provide dedicated care, service, and to ensure this we pay special attention to offer top quality, premium-grade marijuana products directly to our patients.